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Ended up with nothing about gift ideas?

March 2nd, 2018 0 comments flowers are a real gift for a woman
Don’t worry, there is one way in a million, flowers! We faced with such a problem in Ukraine that men stopped bringing flowers to women just for no reason. They can obviously make this on the 8th of March. But what happened? Let’s investigate the situation. We analyzed several sociologists reviews of men who do not love flowers at all. The problem is they do not like flowers, their smell, their short beauty and rapid death. Besides they think that if this is their point of view, women have to accept this. Probably it is better to present a sweet box of chocolate than a bouquet of flowers, right? Or in case they present flowers in the beginning of the evening, then a girl searches for a water to care about flowers, not the man she is with. Men often think a bouquet is a disturbing ...
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