Ended up with nothing about gift ideas?

flowers are a real gift for a woman

Don’t worry, there is one way in a million, flowers!

We faced with such a problem in Ukraine that men stopped bringing flowers to women just for no reason. They can obviously make this on the 8th of March. But what happened? Let’s investigate the situation.

We analyzed several sociologists reviews of men who do not love flowers at all. The problem is they do not like flowers, their smell, their short beauty and rapid death. Besides they think that if this is their point of view, women have to accept this. Probably it is better to present a sweet box of chocolate than a bouquet of flowers, right? Or in case they present flowers in the beginning of the evening, then a girl searches for a water to care about flowers, not the man she is with. Men often think a bouquet is a disturbing thing for a date. Or this is a way to ask forgiveness after quarrelling. Some men confessed they brought flowers right after they spent night with another woman, that is why many women consider flowers greatest apologize to think about.

What is the solution?

Ask your woman what she thinks about flowers cut from the bushes and about pot flowers. Fowlers is the symbol of nature tenderness, love, spring, restorability. Flowers give a scent, a sillage, they will die but the event will remain.

And by all means women do love flowers. But instead of being ordinary with bouquets, make your own unique composition. Find out what kind of flowers your girls loves, may be several, and composite a good flower present. This is win-win option!

Just imagine, she receives a personal delivery, unexpected and so wonderful fresh flowers in an extraordinary wrap with so sweet smell..
Your flower present is an act of loving, caring, or just simple attention, but it leave unforgettable romantic aftertaste.

The best way to surprize your woman is to compose your own bouquet. To spend some time and to search for a nice flower shop, to discover what new flowers appeared except roses. Do not think that women like only roses, oh God!

The fact that a man had been spending his time for composing set of flowers by himself makes the gift more precious. Very often men are afraid to fail with the kind of flowers, but we are here to calm them down: women love to see something new their beloved person searched for her. This is the main idea of such a gift. Trying their best in order to please a beloved person creates special feeling and aftermath.

Roses or lilies, they will affect with their look and smell. Gerber daisy will be remarkable by their color grade, what is more they are enduring. Lilac and tulips were hard to find not in spring but we live in twenty first century that is why flower shops understand the modern requirements as to the rare types of flowers.

If you do like flowers on a pot, it is better to gift a phalaenopsis, a kind of orchids. Is brings flowers twice a year and they keep blossom for a long time. Violets are so lovely and they need to be wet once in three days. Try to find out how to treat the plants and show your woman your care about the gift, she will appreciate this act.

Still if you do not want to be busy with flowers search, take your woman to botanic garden and be attentive to her reaction: probably she will give you a hint by “Oh, dear, look at this!”

Thinking about this lady and still hesitating to talk?

Choose the most appropriate flowers right now!

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