How To Surprize Your Woman: In Romantic Or Unusual Way?

Gift ideas to surprise your woman

All females adore gifts! Ladies are waiting impatiently special event to receive some romantic presents. Especially if is given from a very close person. Such people definitely know how to make a surprize, what to gift, what is necessary for a woman and what will make her happy. Our soul is fed when we receive sincere things from sincere people, to feel their care and love. Moreover they know all preferences better than others.

Let us give you all the best gifts you may choose for your woman. All these men experienced worries, happiness, excitement, creativeness and romance while searching one of the list of options.

  1. Changing the digits into compliments in scales to tell his woman how wonderful she is and no matter what is her weight. Gorgeous, sexy, elegant, beautiful, cute, luscious! Isn’t that lovely?
  2. Making a bottle full of notes different colours. The name of it is “365 Jar”, each color represents its function for the new day. Every morning a woman should start with a new note. If she picks the yellow color, that means she will read about memories and moments associated with her. If pink – reasons a man loves her, if a green one – have fun with lyrics and quotes.
  3. The next idea is chimney made of cardboard.
  4. A very unusual idea for St. Valentine’s Day – to prepare a beautiful bedroom decorated with 7000 notes of memories with her!
  5. Working in the garden a man made a note on the grass about how much he loves his woman, a note was made with autumn leaves.
  6. A window in the living room has been changed completely: it turned into wonderful resting piece with sofa and soft pillows.
  7. To create a cosy place for watching netflix together: with covers, pillows, romantic light and big display.
  8. If a wife was dreaming of a dos the whole life, so why not to gift her a small and sweet puppy right in the morning and right in her bed?
  9. To make a hand bag made of leather for a woman. Only handmade, only by a man.
  10.  Everlasting flower, made of tube watch and a light. Every night this flower is in bloom with the help of electricity.
  11. To make something sweet for a woman who came from her work tired. let it be a board for her mobile device while she is making a bath. Made of wood, it will have a very romantic look, just add a glass of red wine and let your beloved to spend a good relaxing evening with no one disturbing her.
  12. Sometimes the best way to surprise your beloved woman is to make an order with your stuff.
  13. If you experience a hard time with your budget, the flowers can be made of a simple paper. A handmade bouquet of flowers will surprize your woman to the bottom of her heart!
  14. To make your woman happy you may make a puzzle from a picture of her beloved pet! You cannot imagine what is a challenge and a perfect time to compose the items together to create a whole image!
  15. People are people. Sometimes we have unusual bad times when drunk at parties and spend most of our time in our bathroom and closets. Make this space more cosy with candles, pillows and smooth lights!
  16. Observation wheel made of wood but for the table serving purpose! What a surprize for your woman on a wedding day.
  17. Painting a wall is a very entertaining process, however, instead you can make it more than entertaining: paint the wall of your home together!
  18. While making a bench near the house you may add a bit of creativity, for example, make a signature “FAMILY” of wood as well. Your result will be the most unique one!
  19. To bake something. For example, a cake! This time a man will be the one who please the whole family.
  20. A partial/or not remodelling of your apartment. For example, you can fix some additional space for shelves above the washing machines, or in an empty corner, to add some cosy boxes or home stuff baskets.
  21. To create some items of a furniture by your own hands.
  22. Surprize your beloved with iced cola and some sweet flowers. The way you gift these things will make her happy to heaven. The more unexpectedly, the better.
  23. Make an order of special earrings, for example, in a specific shape associated with the place you’ve got acquainted.
  24. Prepare a perfect breakfast for your queen! Pancakes or eggs, fresh juice and aroma coffee, what a wonderful life! Isn’t that a real care?
  25. Unusual bouquets made of various things: meal ingredients or sweets.
  26. A bouquet made of some small items of bijouterie, and etc.
  27. To make an extraordinary combination and to create a multifunctional piece of furniture, like joining a mirror and a wardrobe together.
  28. If your lady studies at the university, 365 letters for her will be very encouraging to receive each day. With notes and confessions, she will be motivated and supported 24/7.
  29. Buying a cat. Or adopting. Both of you may go to an animal shelter and choose the most wanted kitten or an adult cat for your lady.
  30. Metal clay is the material you can made even a jewelry piece of. For example, on emane decided to make a ring to his woman. That was awesome!
  31. If you like sport, in particular climbing or skying, it is also amusing to gift magnets forming small humans doing all their aims together, like a symbol of activity so important for both of them.
  32. Make a picture.. on her shoes! That is something unusual and by all means unique! As a rule, ladies worry about same things wearing that is why she will appreciate the one she will obtain only for her.
  33. To find or to make by yourself a pillow shaped in something your woman is normally addicted to – sushi, for example!
  34. Truly romantic ladies believe in tales. So why not gifting her a crystal shoe with a ring in it? So lovely, so romantic!
  35. “Happiness meter” – the device demonstrating how unhappy a man is if a his woman is far from him. You may find it in IKEA as well. Or you may also make it by yourself.
  36. Stained glass window but with a picture of the most adorable movie or fairy-tale. This image will always be at home and reminds your lady how caring her man is.
  37. Painting something she is fond of, she is addicted to with oil or pen, or wax, or sand, or anything to show your artistic position.
  38.  Great collection of nail polishes. Several color grades will allow your beloved woman to pick the right color suitable to her clothes.
  39. If she is ill and feel not good, so that you cannot go out, help your woman with your direct care: prepare a tasty dinner for both of you. Enjoy being together and no one disturbing you this day.
  40. If she breaks her arm or leg, put some pictures on her gypsum, some romance or jokes will make her smile every day while she is wearing it.
  41. Do some woodcrafting for cats to climb and jump through the fence. If you do something useful for pets, your woman will be grateful for your activity!
  42. Baking a sweet multicoloured cookies will surprise your lady to the bottom of the heart! Make such romantic things devoted to St. Valentines Day, she will be happy!
  43. To make a noble pendant by your own hands is something unusual and unique. This is something any other woman will never have. This pendant uncovers secret sense of your relationship and so precious for both of you.
  44. One man created a cosy place for his woman cosisting with her favorite books, quotes and pictures. This is a good place for relaxing and having a perfect time for all family.
  45. Instead of purchasing a succulent plant you can organize the one by your own. If you have some broken pots you may use pieces for composing a perfect succulent set. Your lady will be grateful to have such a trendy thing at home!
  46. Preparing for the Christmas and for the New Year is so embarrassing sometimes. That is why if a man takes his role to make the most important decorations, the result will be amazing. Christmas tree made by hands, is more than just splendid.
  47. A leather wallet with unique prints and images resembling something favorite for your lady. Every time she goes shopping, this wallet will uncover pleasant moments and associations.
  48. Unbelievable cosmic gift is a jewelry with a dust from Mars planet for example. Do not ask how much it costs right now! But the reaction is guaranteed.
  49. If you are an engineer, construct a watch for your woman. Let this device speak by words, for example, once a year giving a special message. Isn’t that so romantic?
  50. Creating a therapy gift for your lady when she is upset. Make a special box with some secret inside but do not let her open it till a magic period. Fill this box with sweets and sincere message about your true love.
  51. An invitation to go out to some romantic place. But this is not all. Additionally you can offer her a full look for a restaurant: a dress, shoes, and a jewelry. Wow!
  52. Knowing the fact that his woman adores the wooden smell, a man prepared a statuesque gift made with wood, a set of branches smelling so wonderfully.
  53. Relationship anniversary is a special moment in life of a couple. Even if it is 1 year and you are lack of money, make a bath bomb with romantic notes and take this bath together.
  54. Making a cosmetic stand by your own is a brave step, however you will be appreciated so much!
  55. Baking a huge cake in a shape of an animal she loves. What a gift! Very often it is believed that women try their best to bake something for whole family, but this is the time when someone makes it instead. Lovely!
  56. Even a simple headboard can be made of an old door, painted with various colors and decorated as a piece of furniture. We think this is difficult but worth to be done for your woman.
  57. Make a romantic message in the bottle to her girlfriend when she is far away.
  58. Creating a unique portrait of your lady on different material, let it be metal, or wood, or ceramic.
  59. Handmade candies in the shape of favorite flowers of your woman will be a special gift, and the sweetest one.
  60. One lady was really upset that no early messages were left since the time she started dating with her man. So he decided to make more than 300 screenshots from his phone and published them. Hence, she is able to scroll them on her special message box to see all of them again and again. Back and forward.
  61. To make a masterpiece of her image. An oil portrait of her beloved face.
  62. To prepare the tastiest burger she ever tried. Home-made, with meat or without, it does not matter. The matter is you did the composition!
  63. Making a powerful and loft-style photo frame by your own. Let her memories be decorated by your talent. Your lady will be happy to remember she has such a talented boyfriend.
  64. What to see the tears of happiness of your woman? Do your best and buy tickets to the concert of her favorite music band! You have never seen such an amazing face before!
  65. A beautiful morning full of many surprises on her birthday: breakfast, her favorite drinks, dishes, small gifts, notes everywhere and home quest. Give her a challenge to spend this day unforgettably.

We hope this set of advices will be helpful for you to obtain the scope of ideas how to surprise your woman. How to be unexpectable and make her day in the most extraordinary way. This is just the beginning.

Your aim is to know your beautiful, wonderful, and gorgeous woman to know better, to understand her needs, her desires, her confessions, and to remember for a long time to be back with the most powerful surprize and care.

Use your imagination to create the next gift to put down as an example!

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