The best gift for a lady – emotions

better give emotions to a lady

Obvious thing is to make an ordinary gift today. That means to offer clothes, cosmetics, flowers. Ukrainian women appreciate emotional state they get while receiving that special present for her, unique and unexpected. Besides, experts say that a gift bought hurriedly is considered as prepared carelessly. It did not include tastes and wishes of a woman, thus it will bring a short emotion of attention and will be rapidly forgotten on the shelf, or somewhere. Usually men buy material things involving standard ideas that women want something they may to put on or to smell or to touch.

However, we would like you to pay attention to the emotional part of the holiday.

Even if a birthday passes very quickly, there’s something special you will remember the next day, a week, a year. This is something to share with closest people, a positive moment of life makes our existence remarkable.

The whole thing is the unique ability to remember what your woman likes and mentions somehow, her secret desire or a dream she wanted to come true but still there are many reasons to keep it as that.

You know that how wonderful if you keep in mind what she had said three months ago and – wow, – she got it!? Yeah!

Let us tell you the short example of the excellent prepared gift. Once a man found a rare of wonderful sport shoes and his lady exclaimed loudly that if would be great if this line will be produced for females as well! The design of these shoes was perfect, this model is great for travelling all over the world to pick the brightest emotions. But they are really expensive to even think about this idea. A man keep this in his mind and found such a rare thing for her. A couple of months later he gave her such a gift with no reason! How do you think, did she like it? Obviously, she love it so much!

These shoes create many associations: this is a useful thing, they are dedicated to a special woman, they can be used for traveling the most incredible countries, they will help to experience the most memorable emotions.

Another good example is to buy tickets to a fight to special place both of you have never been before. This is a surprize with a triple action: unexpected, unknown country, unforgettable. This is the emotion and a package of future emotions both of you share with each other.

The next idea – is a very rare book. Not electronic but published, a perfect edition with nice smelling qualitative paper and professional design with a reading theme your woman definitely thinking about. But firstly you need to know what kind of books she likes to read. Do not make her confused with something out of interests.

We encourage you to be attentive with your woman every day. Somehow she will notice something special, a thing, a detail that touch her to the bottom of her heart. So this is the idea for the gift! That is why such gift is considered to be perfect: it takes all brightest memories, connected with the happiest moments if life.

You are wrong if you think that women never dream about non-classic engagement. They do not need the ordinary one knee confession, but it would be wonderful to make this think unexpectedly during a trip to another country in some romantic place, to present a ring with brilliant. This is not a regular women’s day ritual.

You may ride her to a night open-air cinema, to watch the best romantic woman together laying on the grass or sitting in the car, analysing the dialogues and experiencing common feelings, isn’t it great?

Let us give you some special ideas for you mind how to make your woman even happier that she is. Then she would definitely sure about you as her man, the only one in the world.

Think about something unforgettable:

  • sky-jumping
  • climbing
  • a portrait
  • a video congratulation
  • master class (dancing/cuisine/art)

This is just the small part of things you may consider for the best present for your lady.

Definitely, with such bright and vivid emotions you will make her happy!

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