Holidays in Ukraine

Holiday is the event for people to gather and to share their happiness with each other. Our life offers us positive and negative events and sometimes we need to create positive things by ourselves just as preventive action.

Let’s speak about upcoming holidays.

8 March 2018.

idea of a gift for International Women's Day

This is the National holiday in Ukraine and in many countries in Europe. This day has been declared by UN as the day devoted to all women, their health and wealth. People celebrate and the whole world gives a high status to females.

Ukrainian women are recognizable on this day. They are more happy than usual, they like to receive attention not from men but from each other. This is a sign of sharing common rights, feeling of unity and solemnity.

Speaking about gifts, the main idea is to perform a gift that a woman would dare think to buy. As usual, Ukrainian women have family values as a priority, that is why it is so important to pamper her with things for a woman personally: a dinner in a good restaurant, shopping certificates, an elegant perfume, jewelry, and flowers, of course. Also this can be language courses, a movie ticket or a small trip to town, whatever – this thing should bring her the brightest emotions.

8 April 2018 Orthodox Easter.

idea of a gift for Orthodox Easter DayJust in a month after previous holiday the Orthodox Easter comes.

This significant holiday is important not only for women but for all people of Ukraine. Passover gives the direction of Easter in calendar. Orthodox church depends on Julian calendar, that is why this holiday is movable and in the year of 2018 Easter is on April, 8. As a rule this day is Sunday and brings the brightest event for whole world – the Jesus Christ Resurrection.

Right before the Holiday people tend to fasting, and afterwards they eat delicious eggs as symbol of rebirth and resurrection, Easter cakes and panettones. So if you wish to please your lady, think about tasty meal. Keep in mind that Ukrainian women love to eat delicious food, so your beloved lady will appreciate perfect dinner in a restaurant or to prepare something together.

1 May 2018 Labor Day.

idea of a gift for Labor Day in UkraineProbably others know this day as International Worker’s Day celebrated in more than 80 countries in the world. Usually this day is markable by outdoor festivals and street parties.

That is why the best gift you may offer is going outside – the spring is beautiful and gives a new breath of nature. A short countryside visit or ticket to a festival is a great piece of attention. Let your lady have this day out of her ordinary life!

9 May 2018 Victory Day.

visit to the War museum as a gift for Memorial DayThis Holiday is meaningful for many countries of the Second World War. Territories occupied by fascists experienced the most destroyable life during 5 years and 40 years after. It is important to have this part in history of Ukraine, to remember fathers and grand fathers who devoted their lives to our freedom. People are proud of being free and living in a native piece of Earth, and recognize the last war veterans who are alive, but each year the leave one by one. let this day be remarkable with a special visit to a War museum, to a lecture about War and truthful facts that are being uncovering each day.

24 August 2018 Independence Day.

idea of a gift for Independence DayThis is the Day of the Independence of Ukraine. The year of 1991 became a remarkable for our state. This day is a moment of pride and relevance for Ukrainian people, the day of blue and yellow colour and going outside.

Various concerts, festivals, picnics gather citizens who came back from their vacations and meet each other on the street of native city. This is a day of happiness and smile to demonstrate and to reveal the brightest mood. Please your lady with memorable sweets or clothes. She will be grateful.

21 November 2018 Freedom and Dignity Day.

idea of a gift for Dignity and Freedom DayThis is a National Holiday, no one is working on this day and various vital events take place outside or if it is very cold in theaters or movies centers. You can invite your woman to an exhibition devoted to latest science discoveries, for example, or an interesting book will be appreciated as well.

25 December 2018 Catholic Christmas.

idea of a gift for Catholic Christmas DayThe week before New Year Eve is charming, it reunites all members of family. Sometimes relatives who live so far decide to visit each other as a symbol of the ending year.

People share their love and respect to each other, common food, life stories and sincerest moments. Probably this is the moment to make a picture with a new photo camera?

1 January 2019 New Year Holiday.

idea of a gift for New Year's DayThis is so romantic holiday: till the clock turns the countdown she may hurry up with her sincerest wish. Yoga classes, fitness gathering or private dancing lessons will be the step forward to show your attention. What is more, it’s better to make a class for both of you. Sharing common interests is more interesting and entertaining for you other half.

7 January 2019 Orthodox Christmas.

idea of a gift for Orthodox Christmas DayThe Eve before Christmas, January, 6, is the most reuniting evening for all members of family and friends. According to the tradition, 12 feast dishes should be served to the table.

One main course is Kutya, symbolizing the Jesus birth. The next day people prepare holiday meal to share with friends. That can be chicken or fish, beef or turkey with vegetables or potato. Probably the best gift for this day is a tasty evening in a good restaurant, or visit to the theater, or walking outside to see the Vertep performance (national open air celebration with singing kolyadki).

15 February 2019 St. Valentine’s Day.

idea of a gift for Valentine's DayThis day of love and fallen in love couples is being recently celebrated in Ukraine. Today it became popular all over the world and finally came here. Well, your woman will say “No, I don’t need anything”, But believe us, she will be expecting something extraordinary from you. Choose the right Valentine tonight.

Your lady will be happy to receive something sensual: perfume, jewelry, gift certificates, for example spa or massage. Just the day to be together whatever happens.

As you see, the choice is great. You can make a serious expensive gift as a photo or a video camera, or smartphone, or watch, a jewelry, a perfume, and etc. However, the most important this is to remember to pay attention. It does not matter if it is a Holiday or not, you may turn each day into holiday by special personal and intimate sign. By taking care of each other. Share your love with the dearest person in the world.

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