Top 10 most expensive gifts in the world

Gifts help us to express our deepest feelings that we cannot express with any words. Love, admiration… Indeed, the most expensive gifts in the world were given in the name of love. These most expensive presents in the world are:

10. Ranks 10th

One of the biggest diamonds in the world named «Burton-Taylor». In 1969 it was given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. Aristotle Onassis wanted to buy this stone for Jacqueline Kennedy, but the price was too high even for him. The «trifle» was named «Burton-Taylor» and it went down in history under this name.

Ranks 10th of expesive gifts for her - Taylor-Burton Diamond

9. Ranks 9th

A platinum ring with diamonds that the second Marylin Monroe’s husband Joe DiMaggio gave her. The Eternity band was set with 36 diamons, but it didn’t bring this couple happiness, they divorced in 9 months after the wedding. Joe and Marylin planned to get married for the second time, but Marylin died… DiMaggio was the one and only man who followed her to her grave. During 20 years he brought bunches of red roses to her resting place.

Ranks 9th of expesive gifts for women - wedding ring with diamonds

8. Ranks 8th

A large cactus plantation. A famous criminal Clyde gave it to his beloved Bonnie. However there have been no documents found that can prove this fact.

Ranks 8th of expensive women's gifts -a large cactus plantation

7. Ranks 7th

What should you do when you are poor and have no money for chik presents? To give a part of yourself! Literally this a painter Van Gogh made. One of the young ladies from a Paris bawdy-house got from Van Gogh a little wrapper and a request to keep it her whole life. When the woman unfolded the wrapper, she was shocked, because there was his cutted ear there.

Ranks 7th an unusual and expensive gift - the cut off ear of Van Gogh

6. Ranks 6th

One more nonmaterial gift. It was a soul. Von Goethe described in his work «Faust» how the main hero gives his beloved Margaret the most valuable thing he had — his soul. This story finished tragically, but it is the only case ever when a soul was given as a present and not sold.

Rank 6th ideas for a gift to a woman is the soul

5. Ranks 5th

Three chests with antique jewels that were boosted from the Adriatic Sea floor. A humble American treasure-hunter gave them to his wife.

Rank 5th of expesive gifts for women - chests with antique jewels

4. Ranks 4th

A zibeline manteau one and a half kilometers long that Louis XIV of France presented to his queen, so that she could walk along the garden barefoot in the morning.

Rank 4th of most expensive women’s gifts - A zibeline manteau

3. Ranks 3th

A pearl given to Cleopatra by Antony. This gift is considered to be the most refined gift ever. Antony treated Cleopatra to a glass of wine and put the biggest and the most beautiful pearl on its bottom. He said that if she doesn’t like his present, she can throw it in the sea.

Rank 3rd of expensive gifts for beloved women – a pearl

2. Ranks 2nd

The Scorpios island that a Greek multi-millionaire Aristotle Onassis gave to his wife Jacqueline Kennedy. Their wedding took place on this island.

Rank 2nd of expensive gifts for women - a whole island

1. Ranks 1st

Mausoleum Taj Mahal. A Mughal emperor Shar Jahan eternalized memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal in a great building. When she was dead, Shar Jahan who was frantic with grief ordered to biuld a mausoleum, a palace for the deceased. Almost 20 thousand people, architects and craftspeople who came from Central Asia and even Europe worked on this palace. Shar Jahan’s love confession was placed on the central slab of white marble with an area of 20 sq.m. At dawn, in daytime and at night the biulding looks in a completely different way. This wonderful effect is reached thanks to arrangement of windows, fancy walls finishing, symmetry and aeriality of the building. They say that Persian conquerors who crushed the capital of India Delhi to the ground didn’t dare to approach the Taj Mahal. It saved this wonderful building.

The most expensive gift for woman - Mausoleum Taj Mahal

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